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Where are they?

findability search Oct 27, 2023

We all have preferred ways of doing things, right? 

Some have to rinse their dishes before going into the dishwasher,

some take off their shoes as soon as they enter the house,. 

and many never use the sugar bowl spoon to stir their coffee.....
I try people, I try... :-).

Consider too that people have their preferred way to do things online, including how they search for things.

preferences for searching

I am old school, I grew up with PCs, I spend lots of time with a full keyboard and mouse at the ready.   But that is not how alot of the world lives.  Their smartphones are where they do everything!  Me, I'd rather have a root canal than type more than three words on a phone keyboard. 
Why do we care you are saying I'm sure?

The type of language our clients use to search is important for us to know when we choose keywords. 

typing vs speaking

If I type on a PC keyboard I think in sentences, similar to writing on paper: nouns, verbs, descriptors. 

Mobile keyboards are no fun so I will use a voice assistant to search and my language is different when I do.

Voice search will have articles: the's, a's, and's ...

Question starters will also be present:  who, what, when, where, why, how....

making the connection

Consider where your potential clients will be when they search. 

Include keywords based on where you think they will be when using a search engine.

You can also create content with spoken keywords and written keywords to give yourself the best chance of being found.