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What Can Search Do For Them?

search Nov 10, 2023

What are they looking for?

Have you ever stared at a blank page straining your brain for something to talk about in your content? I get it, finding a topic that will provide help to your audience is no easy task.

I am going to ask you to take a minute and imagine why your client may be visiting a search engine.

What brought them to the site? 

  • Are they trying to understand or learn about something? 
  • Are they searching for examples of how to solve a problem?
  • Are they comparing providers of a product you sell or service you provide?
  • Are they looking for inspiration or ideas for their business?

Give it a try - let your imagination run free - put yourself on the other side of the keyboard.

There are no wrong answers - just potential connections!

Create pieces of content that speak to the most likely scenarios you imagine.  

You will be opening the door to making a connection with them in their current conversational flow.