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A woman speaking into a smartphone-asking a question of google

Voice Search is So Easy for Users

content findability search Jan 06, 2023

Voice Search is becoming a natural way for users to ask questions of Google. Typing on a smartphone is not fun, the keyboards are very sensitive and our finger tips are a bit bigger than those keys!  In a recent article written by Oberlo, titled "10 Voice Search Statistics You Need to Know"  I  came across figures much larger than I imagined.

Here are a few examples:

40% of the US population uses Voice Search? 


 71% of consumers prefer to search using voice instead of typing.

I share these numbers with you so you can ensure your content is ready for voice search users.

Our language is different when we speak a search query than if we type it.  Voice queries are often entire questions, whereas typed queries are multiple words or phrases.

Include both types of language in your content in one of the areas the search engine programs pay attention to.  For example, in your page description you could include a full question that a searcher may ask about your topic. 

If you keep these ideas in mind as you create your content you will increase the number of people connecting with your content.