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Help visitors stay longer on your website by creating a candy store environment -  Photo by Tatiana Sukhova from Pexels

3 Ideas to Keep More Visitors on Your Website

content findability Nov 06, 2022

Do you remember that feeling you had as a kid passing the candy store in the mall? 

The store was always well lit, full of amazing colors in every shape and size, and beckoning you to come in.  I certainly remember.  Every time I passed it on a shopping trip my brain perked up immediately.  Just thinking about using those little scoops to fill a bag with gummy bears in every color filled my heart with such joy! 

Why did that store call to me every time I saw it all those years ago?  Was it only because the store was chock full of bright color? Past experience did tell me something delicious  waited for me there for sure, but I don't think it was just previous visits or the sights that ignited my desire. It was also the open feeling and the clear, inviting layout of the store.  The layout said ‘welcome, come in and browse’.  Everything was right in front of me, out in the open, nothing behind the counter or locked away under glass.  All was accessible to take time with my choice of a  yummy treat!

Your website can be likened to a version of that candy store.  Make it beautiful to take in, but also incredibly satisfying, useful and helpful for your visitors, so much so, that they will want to linger.

Consider the feeling your site gives to visitors when they arrive. Create a comfortable place where they can stop and stay awhile.

Here are three tips to encourage visitors to stay on your site and browse:

  1. Create each website page to have one main theme. Your visitor will find it helpful to land on the information they want rather than feeling overwhelmed by the kitchen sink approach of putting all your knowledge on each page.
  2. Use images and video content to give visual people a way to engage more easily. The visual mind truly dislikes too much text and may leave immediately if the page is too text heavy. 
  3. Provide links to guest appearances on shows, podcast, and other events. Share links to your recordings so your visitors can find out more about you from someone else’s perspective.  The interviewer’s words give an outside perspective of you and have more  authority than your bio page will ever convey.  Visitors will sense your warmth, sincerity, and character by observing your interaction in an environment with others. 

Pro Tip  Use the open a new tab feature on your webpage when linking to a podcast episode or video held on another site.  This will make it easier for visitors to return to your site when they finish viewing a recording.

I hope this has helped you further see how your website can be more inviting for guests to visit.  Our sites are our online homes in a way, and have great power. We demonstrate not only who we are, but how we value potential customers and clients through the tone and environment we create on our website..

Until Next Time,