The Marketing Matters Show

Air Date:  December 19, 2022

Search Marketing Matters

There are many areas of interest to discuss about Search Marketing, many industry experts present ideas surrounding SEO, which stands for search engine optimizaton, however you can't optimize your search engine performance if you are not included in the search engine results at all.  Search Marketing is the process of strategically making sure you are included in results for your ideal customers and clients looking for answers. 

In this episode, Denise discusses what search marketing means and why it is important as part of your overall marketing plan.   

  1:40  What is search marketing and why does it matter?
  2:22  Do we know where they are coming from?
  3:58  How are your people going to find you in the forest?
  5:50  Are we hoping to interrupt them?
15:41  Denise's red sneakers