$97.00 USD


What is Findability?

Do you spend hours and hours creating blogs, podcasts, videos, and webpages but  are not sure they are being seen? 

Are you doing everything possible to place your work in front of your audience? 

Many entrepreneurs and business owners focus their efforts on social media and that's terrific!

There is another audience for you to consider though and that is search engines! 

The audience using search engines is enormous.

Taking the steps to make sure your creations are included in search results is essential if you want to gain maximum return for your time investment .

Your Workshop includes:

  • Immediate access to the live recording of the workshop
  • A downloadable tracking tool.
  • An invitation to the next LIVE Q&A Session.

Experience the Simple Ways Workshop and be more findable today!

Remember, if they can't find you,

they can't do business with you.

The LIVE Q&A Session is on the first Friday of every month

11am EST | 10 am CST | 8 am PST


What People Are Saying:

"Spiders and Robots and Key Words, Oh My! SEO is one of those acronyms that when I heard it always made me want to go back to bed and tuck my head under the covers. Denise Millet takes all the scary out of learning what works when creating content so my website and blogs can be found by my ideal audience when they do a Google search. She knows what works and makes it simple and easy to understand and implement. Now that I've taken her Simple Ways workshop, I find myself automatically implementing her advice and ideas. It's helped me get much clearer in my messaging, so the right people are finding my work."

Yvonne M.