Groundwork Brigade Mastermind

Being an entrpreneur is not for the faint of heart.  The journey is much easier when you have support from like-minded people.  Groundwork Brigade Mastermind is a place to develop your plan for your business and implement it.  With great information, help, and feedback to support you, you'll be primed to leap forward in your business.

Want to check it out for a month? I would love to have you join us for an entire month of sessions and experience first hand the magic of this community.

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Groundwork Brigade Mastermind is an Amazing Experience

For two hours twice a week we gather virtually and pick up some amazing coaching on topics unique to that week. 

Questions are answered, feedback is given, support for tech and how to's are shared wherever needed.

And....I forgot to add....we have fun!  No stuffy lectures or should do's here.  No formulas or blueprints.  You get to build the business you want.

 Join us for a month for FREE!  You'll have access to two sessions every week.  You can feel the vibe of the group and experience the progress you can make.

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Groundwork Brigade Mastermind is led by two amazing entrepreneurial thought leaders:

Kim White and Kerry Zarb

Learn more about their exceptional work on their weekly shows:

Good Morning Entrepreneurs and Buckets and Boomgates Podcast

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Take a look at some of  2023's topics...

April Showers...

Bring me a great way to grow my list and get my message out to my audience.  

This week's Groundwork Brigade sessions helped me over something I've struggled with for a few months.

Do you want to have more Aha! moments that move the needle for your business?

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Have Questions?

Please feel free to reach out with your questions.  I will be happy to answer them and fill you in on any information you need.  This Mastermind has made all the difference for me and my business. I want you to experience this unique group and catapult your business forward.

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