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Two Dates Available:  Weds Feb 28th ~ 8pm ET | 7pm CT
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When I began my entrepreneur's journey I heard from many business owners that felt like they were creating online content and it was not getting seen by their audience.  

I am on a mission to share info about keywords and findability so the content you create is findable by your potential clients when they look for a solution using a search engine.

Join me for my complimentary Virtual Scavenger Hunt some fun and idea sharing!  


Hosted by: Denise Millet
Your 'Findability' Queen

Save My Spot!

Hi I'm Denise.

  • I've been dubbed the 'Findability Queen' because I am on a mission to get your content included in search engines.
  • SEO, SEO, SEO.... that's all you hear. Within Search Engine Optimization there are so many good strategies, techniques and tactics to use to improve your appearance in search results. What they don't talk about is the fact that you can't 'optimize' something that isn't there!
  • Therfore, in my opinion, findability is the first step.  Making sure your content is included in search engine catalogs is the most important step.
  • I've created this event to help you on your way to findability through uncovering things you need to know about keywords. 


  • Where do you find them?
  • How do you know if they are the best ones for your business?
  • Where do you put them?

Join me for the next Virtual Scavenger Hunt and find the answers to these questions and more. 

Did you know?

  • You potential clients are using search engines on average 3 times per day
  • 8.6 billion searches occur daily on the largest search engine
  • Over 50% of product sales begin with online research

When your potential clients or customers sit down at their keyboard, or use their phone to look for something with search, I want you to be available as a solution for them. 

Join me at the Virtual Scavenger Hunt to begin your Findability journey.


We're on a Hunt for Keyword Treasure!

at this virtual scavenger hunt!
Wednesday February 28th at 7pm CT | 8pm ET


NEW Day & Time Added:  Thursday February 29th at 3 pm ET | 2 pm CT | 8pm UK

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